Check Your Life: Be Limitless…Big Bang Theory

Life begins and all of a sudden, bang, we mere mortals exist. This is my “Big Bang Theory” of how we are myriad of atoms conjoined together, to produce matter of flesh and of our inherent spirits. None of us can truly grasp our conception process, but we (finite beings) aim to understand conception and to assimilate to the world’s inception process of labels. Labels were my introduction to the “Big Bang” of lies; lies that tethered me down to a multitude of false beliefs. The gist of the “Big Bang Theory” was a rapid expansion of matter from a state of extremely high density and temperature to fabricate the origin of the universe. The more I believed in these collections of false beliefs, the more I expand into someone foreign to my inherent truth. This is how and why we adopt intentional masks that limits us to this meaningless world. When I state meaningless, I am referring to the notion that nothing accomplished or acquired in our individual worlds hold lasting value to our limitless spirits. Read More

Check Your Life: Be Limitless…Why do we hate each other?

We live in a world where we are forced to interact with one another; a world where we love on one another. There is no existence without other people be able to recognize our presence or our world absorbing your energy. We cannot live invisible lives, even when we receive pejorative stares. Life is energy, and energy is a continuous flow with all life forms, from the trees, the ocean, the insects, and all the other energy free flowing forms of existence. At the core of all forms, is our energy or our light; it is a presence so powerful that it illuminates life forms and a multitude of spaces. Our life force or energy is our God-consciousness, not our finite flesh; but most people pay homage to their dying flesh and adopted finite labels (e.g., race, gender, color, religion, and sexual orientation) and enter into a world of bondage or our eternal hells on earth. As infants and toddlers, we are free of bondage and untethered to finite labels until the great conditioning begin from our worldly serpents. Read More

Check Your Life: Be Limitless…How to wake up with liberated joy?

Have you ever woken up after a deep sleep to feel liberated from the tyranny and ills of your physical world? If so, you definitely understand the intoxicating joy of waking up with a smile on your face, even though you might not remember the pleasantry of your dreams or some pleasant encounter you might had the night before. If you felt this feeling, you understand that there are no words to recapture the joy; this joy starts to become a pleasant welcome to every morning routine in our lives. However, if you never felt this feeling before, I believe you might have a strong desire to experience this joy. This unexplainable joy can instantly become a part of your every day routine. Read More

Everything you want is on the other side of fear…

What is fear? Why does fear exist? My definition of fear is anything that raises our anxiety and impedes us from performing at our optimal level. Many people would disagree with my definition, recognizing fear as anything that raises our anxiety minus an attachment of performance. However, I label their declaration as life, and a corollary response the bliss of life, meaning that fear is the initiation process to our greatest adventures or successes during our existence. Now, I know some smart ass might be reading this and cogitating over the thought of what if someone is killing you; I bet bliss is not on the other side of that fear. Read More

Against all odds: Fear of -$70 in my bank account and facing financial judgment

Against all odds, this is the realist blog I ever wrote. In the words of the late and great, Tupac Shakur. This blog will address answers to typical life challenges and hidden fears that stymie our progression and our desire to seek a better existence. How do we matter? How do we face real sh** without complaining, explaining, and draining our positive spirit? The simple response is to just be and to be the best we (me) in ever moment. That notion sounds very logical and easy, but not practical and understandable for many people. My authentic and organic reply will make it transparent and extremely digestible for your insatiable palates for personal and professional successes. If you read this with an open-mind and open-heart, you will learn something that will shift your paradigm from an excuse-ridden one to an indomitable one. We will transform from boy to man, girl to woman, novice to expert, and coward to hero. This writing will lead you on your own personal legend, to a virtual world of royalty and to an unmasking of unlimited opportunities toward personal greatness. Read More

Soft Skills relevance for today’s hospitality industry and how to develop for practical use

Soft skills are necessary for the successes of future hospitality leaders. Soft skills serve as a conduit to the promotion of productive and efficient performance in today’s work environment. Soft skills are often spoken by many professionals, but the origin or understanding of soft skills is rarely broached. It is spoken in a matter of fact fashion, implying that receivers of the words should instinctively comprehend the symbology of “soft skills.” Contrary to popular belief, I know that many people are unaware of its meaning and relevancy in hospitality; but ultimately, in practical everyday endeavors. Soft skills are crucial to our personal and professional lives, and every educator should be committed to fostering environments that inspire the development of soft skills. Read More

The Hidden Light Within

Domestication is a phenomenon of our lived experience. From birth, society indoctrinates us to dogma, stemming from education, religion, politics, lifestyle, and many other stereotypical and prejudicial principles from one’s unique culture. We all derive from collective cultures and individual cultures that plague our collective egos and individual egos. For example, individuals born in the U.S. tend to embrace their collective culture and to buy into its collective ego of societal greatness when compared to other nations; this mindset might inspire us to develop a collective ego of fascism in regard to international affairs and an individual ego of being right on morality and ethics. Not realizing, our truth comes from our virtual reality. However, this thought process produces conflict and stymies collective success, as well as universal love and joy. Read More

Find Joy in every moment…

Joy is a continuous feeling that spreads through the law of rhythm, and its energy is emanated within the physical realm. It is dormant energy that waits to be activated by our vibration and/or kinetic spirit. Our human…being consists of highs and lows, and we unconsciously comport or tailor our avatar’s (body) attitudes and behavior patterns to the appropriate frequency within our sphere. When situations are going well, we experience highs and tend to smile and to accept all the energy in our space. However, when circumstances are poor, we display negative emotions and actions to mirror the lows in that realm. Joy is a permanent state of being that is anchored in peace and harmony with mother nature, humanity, and any opposing encounters. Read More

Rise To The Reality That This Might Be Your Last Day Alive!

This reality is shocking and frightening to many, even though we, rational-minded individuals conceptualize our demise is coming in the future. In actuality, we will all walk knowingly or unknowingly to our future deaths. The question is not how we will die, not even how we will be remembered, but instead, how will we confront our deaths? Will we be embolden with manmade fear (fake evidence appearing real) or be bold in the face of death? Will we die with passion and fulfilled or will we die passionless and unfilled? The choice is solely up to us, and we have the volition to make everyday our very best day and be better than our best. Read More