Concerted Passion And Energy Enable Us To Conquer Foes And Obstacles

Passion is committed energy focused on an aimed goal or objective. Passion supersedes negative forces, propelling us pass hidden obstacles or conspicuous barriers. Those hurdles become items to jump over as we sprint to the finish line. See the goal is to face a challenge head on because once we overcome any particular challenge; the challenge becomes a former and inferior foe. However, passion is quelled when we allow our minds to be pollute with negative thoughts or situations being permeated in our environments. Read More

Are You Giving Your Best Or Giving Your Less

This question should permeate the mind of all those who seek enlightenment and elevation because it propels us to ask the “why” behind our attitudes, perspectives, and actions within every interaction and moment with things and people. Life is merely a game of choices and consequences, but many of us fail to acknowledge and to understand the consequence behind every choice. Our consequences can be positive or negative, they tend to correlate with the energy projected from our choices. This brings me to the notion that we are responsible for our individual responses to stimuli, and we must be committed providing our best energy and effort to every situation on a daily basis. When pursuing excellence there is no room for error, it is only space for our best versions of self. Read More

Let Go And Flow

We choose to suppress or to accept our fleshly weaknesses. When we suppress daily inhibitions that influence us to engage in temptations, we create a Sigmund Freud complexity of pursuing those inner desires and tend to develop a propensity to overindulge in those desires when we are given an opportunity to yield to temptation. For example, I try to tell myself I do not want any brownies when I smell a fresh and moist batch retrieved from our family oven. As my wife and kids clank their spoons against their bowls while loading them with hot brownies and cold vanilla ice cream, my mind start fighting back urges to succumb to that delicious taste, even as my mouth begin to salivate. Prompting me to exit the kitchen until my mind lead me back in the kitchen just to sample a small piece of those brownies. Read More

Thoughts About Death

The thought of death is scary for most people, even to those who conceptualize the fact that they will die some day. Death is a powerful force or spirit that waits for us in the future; it is inescapable, and it is unforgiven…it is the conclusion or final chapter to the physical life for us. Death accomplishes its job through many mediums, such as diseases, drugs, murders, natural causes, and even accidents. The last medium, accidents, incites me to ask this question: Do accidental deaths exist or is it just the way we are claimed on our given expiration date? Read More

Do Not Be Stingy With Your Gift

What is a gift? What is your gift? What is the purpose of your gift? A gift is something given to us without merit or substantial work. Many view a gift as a donation that is unearned. For the purposes of this post, your gifts are your inherent talents and skills given to you at birth. Some of us are born with the ability to memorize large portions of texts, supreme athletic skills, superb computation expertise, exceptional communication skills, or the artistry of music. These talents are endowed to us by our creator, and our creator does not expect us to hoard these gifts for ourselves or our individual gains. Read More

A Self Destructive Society

True power is not found in policies and procedures; it is found in the influential attitudes and actions of the people. Winning is not about checking the boxes or being perceived as a winner by manmade standards. It is all in the unseen; it is all in the mindset and in the inner drive and will to never quit, developing a spirit that challenges us to keep pushing by any means necessary. Fear can never quell our hidden spirits or a movement derived from our robust energies because fear will always succumb to our indomitable forces. Read More

Healthy Living Demands A Conscious Mind

Mind, body, and spirit are key aspects to the success of long-term healthy living. Health living supersedes our everyday proverbial and parochial fitness goals (e.g., I need to lose five points, or I need to fit in a dress or bathing suit). Our fitness goals may serve as the initial impetus that incites us to get our lazy behinds off of our sofas or our love seats, but something greater will be needed to help us maintain a high-level of fitness excitement. Many of us start and stop training when we reach a plateau or fail to witness the results that we expected to reach. This lifestyle demands consistency and someone who can handle constant failure. The typical gym rat knows there will be a myriad of cumbersome days in the gym, in the kitchen, and on our weight scales. Read More

Tips For Working Out On Vacation

Vacations are not special events that occlude workouts. Healthy-minded individuals embody healthy living, so they do not view vacations as a reprieve from fitness training. On the contrary, these individuals tend to seek unique ways to incorporate strength training and cardio training in their vacation plans. Some would start their early mornings with long walks or runs up and down the shoreline of popular beaches. Many rely on hotel or resort-style training equipment to maintain their fitness during extended vacations, utilizing stationary bikes, stationary strength training machines, and dumbbells to burn sabbatical calories consumed during last night’s dinner. The conundrum occurs when we stay in lodging facilities that do not carry workout equipment for guest usage. Where does one find solace in their physical fitness? Read More

Mindful ways To Eat Healthy And To Enjoy Your Delicacies

Our minds set the bar or standard for how we live our lives. The principle of mentalism suggests that everything is mental, contrived in our minds and manifested in our physical worlds. This indicates that poor food options, and our decisions to eat those high caloric and sugary foods began in our minds and spill over into our hearts. Some of us drive minutes and hours for the irresistible taste of particular foods, walking in a dream state to our tasty destinations and giving into our unremitting desires to the mass consumption of bad food options. Food has addictive elements, and those addictive components have a way of influencing sane individuals to embrace insanity when eying and seeking our next meals. Read More

Embrace Your Internal To See The Glory In Your External

Glory comes from within and exudes to our external being. However, we tend to focus on the external with hopes of improving our internal confidence and mental wellbeing.  Our being in this universe produces a negative or a positive resolute; we decide the outcome. Most of us consider ourselves as “human beings.” The conundrum is that most of us accept the label of being a human being, without knowing what the word truly entails. We must probe the word “being” before we can understand the relativity of being a “human being.” To be, means to be here or to participate in the present moment, so “being” merely means to be here and to associate with the attachment of the Presence or moment. Read More